Thursday Aug 31, 2023

Planet centred care - Greening the gaze

Planet centred care is new podcast series for the BMJ exploring issues related to environmentally sustainable healthcare, aimed at all clinicians, and anyone working in healthcare, who want to make sure they can continue to help patients while not harming the planet. 

In this episode we’ll discuss that first radicalising moment. That moment where you start to see all the things you can do to make healthcare more sustainable and how it is hard to un-see that. For everyone, that moment may come from a different place, or different perspective.

Our guests for this episode:

Gareth Murcutt who was at first reluctant until he saw the size of the impact he could make; Gwen Sims whose eyes were opened by moving health systems (and continents) and Alifia Chakera who didn’t expect to find a huge sustainability saving so close to home when she took up a new clinical role before the pandemic. 


Loren De Freitas and Florence Wedmore, the BMJ

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