Monday Oct 02, 2023

Planet centred care - Sustainable healthcare is better for patients

Acting on climate change is often framed as having to give stuff up, to cost more money, to make sacrifices. Yet in healthcare we find the opposite can often be true: there are many actions we can take which reduce the carbon footprint of healthcare which actually end up with better outcomes for our patients. In this episode, we hear from two examples of that.

Singing for breathing is a type of social prescribing to help people with chronic lung disease manage their breathlessness, reducing their need to be reliant on healthcare to do this, while also finding joy and a sense of community. Stephen is one patient who has benefited from this service, and will tell us more about the impact it had on his life.

In another example, Lynn Riddell, an HIV consultant will tell us how a change in their clinical pathway helped a cohort of patients reduce the amount of travelling to and from the clinic, still manage their condition safely and give them back precious time and control.

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