Friday Sep 22, 2023

Planet centred care - Sustainable healthcare is good for staff

Ooops! If you listened to episode 3 when it first came out you may have realised that the title didn't quite match the content. We've just updated the title and the show notes below, and stay tuned for when we'll be soon releasing an episode on how sustainable healthcare can be good for patients.


In a system where healthcare workers are continually described as overworked and burnt out, how can we expect them to find the time to act on the climate? In this episode we turn that assumption on its head, and, in fact, show how acting to reduce the environmental impact of healthcare can help staff find joy in their work again. Our two guests today are Tracy Lyons, founder of Pharmacy Declares and medicines optimisation pharmacist in Dorset, UK, and David Smith, general surgeon at North York General Hospital in Toronto, Canada.


The very worst thing is sometimes to have a problem you feel you can’t solve, and action mitigates anxiety: these are two of the many lessons that came out of today’s episode. We also touch on the different levels that you can start to take action at: from the small and tangible to influencing change at a system level. 


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