Thursday Aug 17, 2023

The problem with trainees - The GMC’s National Training Survey results data

In our final episode of this season, we're going quantitative, with the newly released data on how trainees in the UK are faring.

Each year the UK's General Medical Council, the doctor's regulator, surveys trainees in the NHS to ask them questions about stress and burnout, harassment and discrimination, and how well supported they feel in their training. They also ask trainers about the same things.

Unsurprisingly, the year the results look bad - with increasing levels of burnout across the board, but particularly in new trainees. At the same time trainers are feeling unable to use their time supporting learning, and instead are propping up the system.

To discuss this, Clara Munro and Ayisha Ashmore are joined by Colin Melville, medical director, and director of education and standards, at the GMC. 


All the data discussed, and the interactive tool that Colin mentions, are available on the GMC's National training survey 2023 results page.



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